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Saturday 11th September 2021

Dress up as you favourite Super Hero !

Contact the Town Fair Secretary if you would like to find out more:



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 AND we need volunteers!

Ever wanted to be part of something big, but didn’t know how?


Come along and help us with the running of our Town Fair. You will have some fun, meet some great people, learn some new skills, and at the same time make our community even better!


Click on the link:

Come one - come all! Enjoy yourself at  the exciting events planned for the Diamond Creek Rotary Spring Town Fair.


Start your Town Fair day by experiencing  Grand Parade at 10.00am.  

 Planned activities include:

·         Carnival rides

·         Free entertainment and activities

·         Craft stalls and novelties

·         Food stalls

·         Sporting clubs

·         CFA Tug-O-War

·         Novelty races

·         Free demonstrations and displays

·         Cultural displays and presentations.


Our evening entertainment will include the CFA Torch Light Parade, entertainment on the main stage and our stunning fireworks to complete the night.

Australia is a diverse, multicultural, multi-ethnic and multilingual country. With this in mind, we invite all groups to come along and enjoy the vast range of crafts, activities, foods and entertainment from different corners of the world.  


There will be an extensive selection of food experiences from around the world so you will be able to experience and taste a variety of foods from many different countries.

The Rotary Diamond Creek Spring Town Fair is organised annually by the Rotary Club of Diamond Creek.  The aim of the fair is to provide an event for the benefit and enjoyment of the local community including families, friends and businesses.  It is also a valuable opportunity for community groups, such as schools, churches, sporting clubs to fundraise and to promote their activities. Last year more than 30,000 people attended the fair, and this year the fair will be even bigger and better!

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